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  • Zach Nerod

Our newest (and oldest) Pursuit

Hey all Loafers! It’s been a fun first few weeks with this website up and running! Alex, Ben, Katie, Mark and I have all been blown away by the excitement, passion and downright fun we’ve seen from Loafers near and far. It’s been so cool to see who gets excited about the Pursuit of Loaf and it’s been awesome to share our enthusiasm for a fun idea that truly grounds the five of us in how we wish to mold our lives.

These first weeks of trying to be ~somewhat~ official (think loose button down and Birkenstocks official, as opposed to anything remotely serious) have been quite the Loaf unto themselves- the result of hard work, creativity and certainly some silly lil’ hijinks along the way. In taking this more seriously, we’re hoping to create a space where friends can share in their triumphs and adventures. We’re hoping to start a community that is excited about having fun, knows that there is so much more to life than a career and wants to savor every last tasty crumb of excitement on their own personal Pursuit. And, we’re hoping to give back to our communities. Each of us are incredibly lucky to have opportunities to Pursue Loaf, and at our core, we believe in sharing our successes with all of those around us. We will support organizations that protect the environment, provide resources to community organizations in need and help to create stronger communities as a whole.

With ALL of that said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a few quick words about my lovely band of Loafers. I would not have gotten this far without Katie’s boundless drive and commitment to the project (the entire website is her doing… WOWZA), without Alex’s critical eye for aesthetics and all around belief in keeping our Loaf journey focused, without Mark’s kind gift of giving me the first Loaf shirt in 2018 or is bottomless tank of energy and love of life, or without Ben’s added dose of enthusiasm and passion for Loaf, or his general knowledge of how to do marketing. Much as there is no bread without water, flour, salt and yeast, there is no Pursuit of Loaf without the four of you.

Let’s go have some fun now, and share in the Pursuit of all the Loafs to come 🍞

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