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Pursuit of Loaf​

Growing the Dough Since 1994

Double Your Impact

Now Until Valentine's Day, everything is on sale and we are doubling our usual donations! We are proud to announce that 10% of all profits will be donated to our charity of the month, P.O.W.! P.O.W.(Protect Our Winters) is a collection of outdoorsy people (like us!) committed to protecting the places and experiences they love from climate change.

What is the Pursuit of  Loaf?

A loaf is a phenomenon that takes the form of a moment, goal, or positive emotion. Think of it as a beautiful sunset or the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you reach a mountain's summit and see a panoramic view.


To Pursue a Loaf is to decide to live your life committed to noticing little moments of happiness, while chasing broader goals and grander dreams.

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5% of our revenue will go back to our communities. 

We couldn’t possibly Pursue Loaf without supportive communities behind us and a clean environment around us. That’s why we’re donating 5% of all revenue we receive back to organizations dedicated to strengthening the communities we live in, and the outdoor areas we chase bread in!

Have an idea for a good charity? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email, send us a carrier pigeon, or transmit a hypersonic brain message! The choice is yours!

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